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 A photo of Julianna Peric the  BrandDesigner of

I have always had a love for clothing, style, and the arts and decided to pursue this passion in my thirties.  I quit my job, much to my family’s horror, and applied for a position to study fashion at the Canberra Institute of Technology.   I was accepted and completed a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design).

My Inspiration is drawn from the old-world charm and designs of the early twentieth century.   The clothing of this bygone era was graceful, had exquisite attention to detail and decoration was applied using large and small tucks, hem ruffles, buttons, and lace inserts. 

My garments are bespoke pieces that are designed and custom-made by me.  I use high-quality fabrics, applique-creating mesmerising embellishments, and textures to give my garments a modern twist.

 I offer timeless pieces that can be worn over many seasons. I always take comfort into account, colour, and durability of the fabric, so my garments will last for years.   My pieces are an investment; there is a lot of love
and skill that goes into making them.  Good design has to be aesthetically pleasing and combined with exceptional craftsmanship. 

When not working as a fashion designer, I love oil painting, sketching, and using my computer to design images.  I especially love nature and everything that shows colour.  I take my photos, edit them, and change them to make the colours speak to me – then, I paint the image onto the canvas.


Julianna Peric Poppy Oil Painting

Poppy / Oil

Julianna Peric Humming Bird Oil Painting

Humming Bird / Watercolour and Oil Pastels

Julianna Peric Combined Oil Painting

Photoshop / Combining Painting and Photo

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